FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on FotoOto.

What is FotoOto?

FotoOto is the first photo app that makes images audible. The app matches colours with different instruments, turning photos into unique melodies that give blind and visually impaired people an emotional impression of the content.

How does FotoOto work?

You can take photos or use pictures from the photo album of your smartphone. The app recognises the content in your images and reads them out to you. After that, FotoOto analyses the colours in the picture and matches them with different instruments and sounds. Thus, each photo is transformed into a melody

What do colours sound like in FotoOto?

In FotoOto, every colour matches with a specific instrument. You can listen to the different colours and sounds in the integrated sound chart. You will find it when pressing the Menu button in the upper right corner of the app.

How can I download FotoOto?

You can simply download FotoOto from the App Store. FotoOto is only available for iPhone.

Will there be an app for Android smartphones?

At the moment, there is no plan to release FotoOto on Android. But stay tuned for more information.

Processing the image takes very long. Is that normal?

FotoOto needs a little more time to recognise and process images on older iPhones. That is perfectly normal. But if image processing goes on for more than two or three minutes, try to restart the app

When I try to take a photo, I get an network error message. What can I do?

For the image recognition to work, FotoOto needs steady internet connection. Please make sure your smartphones is connected to the internet (e.g. via Wi-Fi), when you take photos.

What can I do, when the app crashes?

Please close the app and try to restart. If the problem remains, please contact us via fotooto@publicispixelpark.de. Describe the problem as precisely as possible, e.g. when exactly the error occurred. It will help us to find and erase the error from the app. If you have any screenshots, included them in your e-mail.

If I have any problems with the app, who can I report it to?

You can contact us via fotooto@publicispixelpark.de any time. Simply drop us a note and we get back to you as soon as possible.

How did you get the idea for FotoOto?

After talking to blind people about their usage of smartphones and social media, we realised that these are very important tools in their lives. But pictures and videos have become more and more important in social media, excluding blind people from the conversation. We wanted to give them the opportunity to perceive, create and share emotional content – in a format that is appealing for both blind and sighted people.